Freesat is a free Digital TV service from the BBC and ITV.  Freesat services are broadcast from the same satellites that Sky use, this means that if you already have a Sky dish fitted then you can simply re-use your old dish to receive the Freesat service.  There are currently approx. 140 tv and radio channels on Freesat and you can even receive Full HD from BBC1 HD channel, BBC HD Channel (soon to become BBC2 HD), ITV1 HD and Channel 4 HD.  Most Freesat receivers and tv's can also be set to 'non-freesat' mode which gives you over 400 tv and radio channels.

Ready for BBC iPlayer now...

Freesat have now included the BBC iPlayer to the Freesat platform.  This means that ANY Freesat HD receiver or HD tv will be able to use the iPlayer, subject of course to a broadband connection being available (iPlayer uses broadband internet).  This means that all Freesat HD customers don't need to buy new equipment to get the iPlayer. Lowton Aerials can provide a hardwired CAT5 network cable to connect your router to your Freesat equipment so you can use the iplayer.  You could always pay a little more and buy a homeplug adapter kit, these are easy to fit just connect to your lan cable and plug into a household plug socket at each end.  A homeplug kit will work just as good as a hardwired CAT5 network cable, however a homeplug connection is most likely to be plugged in 24/7 for 365 days per year.  The homeplugs use very little electricity, but they do use electricity so increasing your energy bills and your carbon footprint.  A CAT5 network cable on the other hand costs from £30 to install, uses no electricity, and has no powered components that can fail during operation.

Freesat recommend a minimum broadband speed of 1Mbps, or 2Mbps to watch in high quality.  Below 1Mbps and you can expect your viewing experience will be impaired.  Click to test your current broadband speed.

Some broadband packages limit usage. This means you may only use or download a certain amount of data each month.  If you go over your usage or download limit, your broadband provider may charge you extra or restrict the service you receive. Your contract with your provider should contain the details of any usage or download cap. You may wish to contact your broadband provider to check.

Freesat like Sky uses a Satellite dish to receive signals.  This means that you can usually receive a good signal in area's where an aerial won't.

The choice of channels on Freesat is far greater than Freeview and it has the capacity for many many more to be added in the future, whereas Freeview is very limited due to signal bandwidth.

Freesat Price List

Lowton Aerials are willing to offer local fixed prices for Freesat Installation.

Our fixed prices are based upon the supply of standard Sky Mini-dish and Sky Quad LNB.


Minidish installation       £65                        to single Freesat                                      box or tv

Minidish Installation       £85                     to single Freesat+                                                box

Minidish Installation      £110        multiroom (2 rooms)                                   Freesat box's or tv's

For Freesat+ multiroom add £15 per Freesat+ room.

Lowton Aerials will set-up customers Freesat equipment free of charge with a dish installation. 

Multiroom Installations for more than 2 rooms will require a free site visit for us to provide a quotation.

Call us today for a no obligation free quotation.

Tel 07707 252 250

Humax Foxsat HDR   £380  Freesat+ System

Humax HD Freesat    £200       System

Lowton Aerials can supply other Freesat Systems and multiroom system packages, call for further information.

For your peace of mind we have £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.

We can supply quality Scart and HDMI cables for your installation at a fraction of the cost of shop prices.  We only use 'distribution specification' coax cable throughout all our installations.  We also do Cat5 networking and HDMI home distribution.


All passive equipment and installations by Lowton Aerials are covered by our written 5 year guarantee.  All active (powered) equipment is covered by the manufacturers warranty, usually 12 months.

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